Schools are closed and parents are challenged with the enormous responsibility of their children’s education.

Now, like never before is it important to look at your own brain thinking preferences and that of your family.  Parenting can be so much fun, if we do understand how different we all think.

Once you understand how you see things in life, we can then focus on how your child will make decisions, communicate, educate, and form relationships.

Insight and knowledge regarding your brain profile and that of your child will equip you to parent and teach from a whole-brain perspective.

Here are just a few of the advantages of whole-brain parenting and teaching:

  • Give your child the ultimate edge in coping with his/her world
  • Give you unique insights into your child’s thinking preferences
  • Understand why one child differs from the other
  • Enable you to create an ideal environment for your child
  • Apply whole brain creativity
  • Child communicates, plays and learns differently from other
  • Fill the gaps at an early age
  • Make you the whole brain parent/teacher you always wanted to be 

We have available and early child indicator (4-9 years), Student (9-15 years), Senior Student (16+) and Adult assessments.

Contact me for your family needs and coaching with whole-brain NBI® Assessments and Reports. 

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