Coaching and playing tennis from a whole-brain perspective will change your mental game for ever!

Some of the benefits of the NBI® Adult and Tennis Profiles are:

  • You will learn to appoint the right coach.
  • Spot clues from your opponent that can help you win the match.
  • Dig deeper into your less favourite quadrant when in trouble.
  • Motivate yourself out of difficult situation.
  • Use your creativity to see open space on court.
  • Dig deeper into what is working well for you.
  • Realize that if it is not working, how to move out of that thinking quadrant.
  • You will learn what type of training you prefer and in which quadrant you need to invest more time and energy!
  • Your coach will understand how you prefer to learn and use the correct teaching and training methods.

I am happy to assist all the Tennis players and coaches, all over the world!

Connect with me and I will help you re-design your own thinking preferences and skills.

Growing up on an African farm with a clay tennis court, perhaps rather “mud” court, stimulated my passion for Tennis at a very early age of my life.

Regardless of not having all the opportunities that are available today, we had fun on the court and many happy hours playing and gliding in die dust.

School and League tennis prepared me further in understanding the game and how to play the bold, the brave, the young and the old.

During 1981, I qualified as a Professional Tennis Coach in South Africa.  Well, I was young and full of dreams and hopes.  I started to coach at schools and some private individuals. 

However, something was missing.  I loved the teaching part, but really tried to avoid the hard labour of repeating the drills.  I could not understand why I could spend hours creating drills for my next coaching session, but when I’m at the court, I rather spend time on technical training and correcting strokes.

My own NBI® Brain Profile cleared the mysterylaughing

I have a strong Left (L1) and Right (R1) thinking preference.  I prefer to look at the precision of technique and with my Right thinking preferences, I could create my wonderful drills. 

I do not like repetitiveness, the discipline and the routine of coaching.  The endless hours on court to practice what I “preach”!

If I changed my focus to do only technical coaching, I might have been still a Tennis coach today!

Why give up on your passion?  Order your brain profile today and find out how you prefer to coach or teach. 

Find out how your daily thinking can differ from your on-court thinking. 

Why are you winning some matches and loose the important ones. Let me help you put the dot under the question mark!

Brainfibre wishes